Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey

Last week we heard on the radio that the circus was coming to town. We all go so excited about it! Emma's best friend, Zoe, would be joining us for the girl's 1st circus adventure!

Of course I had to plan what they would wear. I started looking online for circus shirts but decided I could make them (I had all the supplies except plain white shirts). 
Skirts from Target

Close up of the shirt
Melissa (Zoe's mom) made the cutest bows

Ringling Brothers here we come!

So excited

All 4 Girls @ the Circus

Our girls LOVE popcorn!

Super excited!

The Hawkins Family

That's Scarlett in the clown mask!

We ended up on the 2nd row and a clown came RIGHT next to us! The girls LOVED it and were dancing most of the time!

It couldn't have been a better experience! No a single tear was shed. All smiles from 4 little girls :) Scarlett even managed to take a nap through part of the 1st half. The girls loved getting popcorn and snow cones. We can't wait till they come into town again!

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