Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reese & Emma

I feel like I haven't written about Reese or Emma lately and want to make sure I get an update posted before Scarlett arrives!

The girls have been having a lot of fun together lately :) Bath time is always amusing around here!!
Sisterly Kisses

Crazy Hair


Our little climber

Reese is going through a growth spurt we think because she is ACTUALLY EATING...
She cleared 3 slices of Papa Johns thin crust pizza

We went to the zoo...

Feeding the birds kind of scared Reese

We went to a birthday party at the Kiddie Park...

This is Emma's impression of a "dog"

We went to an "art" birthday party...

Reese's rainbow & clouds canvas

Girls playing with an early Christmas gift

At 14 months Emma is FINALLY walking!! 
She's been taking a few steps for months now but she is actually trying to walk now more than crawl. Here are a few videos I caught on my phone (I need to get some video on the actual video camera). 

  • is completely potty trained now with no accidents (except we do still diaper during sleep). I don't expect her to make it through the night yet.
  • is the best at coloring in her class!
  • favorite color is PURPLE
  • is so excited for Scarlett to be here! She has started saying Scarlett is in her tummy and is kicking her ;)
  • loves chocolate (even dark chocolate like her mom!)
  • She has requested a "purple zebra" birthday party
  • is a "daddy's girl"!!
  • LOVES dogs!! She sticks her tongue out and pants and she tries to bark like them
  • She is trying to say "duck", "nana", "water"
  • Knows her body parts: "ear", "nose", "mouth", "belly button" and "feet"
  • is the best for her age at "dot art" in her class!
  • Strongly dislikes milk
  • LOVES to eat almost anything
  • has finally started walking!
  • is a "mommy's girl"!!

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