Saturday, December 31, 2011

Introducing Scarlett Kate!!

She's here!!!!

Scarlett Kate Sweatman
12/27/11 at 12:37pm
7 pounds 12 ounces, 21.5 inches

Birth Story
We went in for an elective induction at 5:15am on 12/27/11. The first 30 minutes was spent getting me admitted, starting my IV, drawing labs and signing consents.

At 5:45am Pitocin was started

On admit I was 3cm/50% effaced/-3 station

The contractions started almost immediately. I wanted the epidural for sure and was told I could either get it now before they started a scheduled cesarean on another patient or I could wait an hour. I remember having to wait over 3 hours last time due to surgical cases so I went ahead and got my epidural early. It took 3 attempts to get my epidural in this time. The 1st attempt the catheter was threaded into a vein. After the 3rd was placed the epidural was completely one sided. I told the anesthesiologist to come back after the cesarean section and evaluate me. I was numb on my right side but completely mobile on my left and feeling contractions. She ended up pulling the epidural catheter out some which did the trick and I was soon comfortable. 

At 7:44am Dr. V broke my water and I was 4cm/75%.

At 10:56am I was 6cm/-1 station.

At 11:25am Dr. V came to check me and I was 7cm/+1 station and beginning to feel a lot of pressure with each contraction

At 12:23pm I asked to be checked because I was in tears with the pressure at this point. I was 10cm and +2 station!

At 12:32pm I started to push and just 5 minutes later at 12:37pm Scarlett Kate was born!
She was born with a very loose nuchal cord (cord around the neck) which was quickly removed

Our Family of Five!

Nana & Scarlett

Meme, Granddad & Scarlett

Aunt Ashley & Scarlett

We are so incredibly BLESSED! 
Scarlett is our little miracle -- she was God's plan for our family and we are so thankful He protected her throughout the pregnancy and that she is strong and healthy!! 


Leigh-Ann said...

Oh Tonya, Im so happy for yall. I know Scarlett was a suprise baby, so she is definetly a miracle as well as breathing evidence of Gods Will! Shes extra special because of the concerns you had with the two vessel cord. I know yall really worried about that and I said some prayers for you. Shes here (AS SHES MEANT TO BE!) and shes PERFECT! Thankyou for letting me tag along for this journey! Its been so exciting! I hope to be around for more exciting times on your blog :)

The Pokornys said...

She's perfect!!! Sounds like you had a great labor and delivery also. Congratulations to all 4 of you!! I know you are so excited to be a family of 5!!

Kelly Grant said...

GREAT PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!