Monday, December 5, 2011

36.2 Week Appt

~Christmas Belly at 36 weeks~

This morning I had an OB appt with an internal exam and GBS swab collected. I am not dilated but getting very soft and she is still HEAD DOWN! I've gained 34# so far which I am not proud of. I gained a total of 27# with Reese and 33# with Emma. They say Scarlett is going to be bigger though. We talked to the OB about our cord blood/tissue kit since he didn't know we recently got approved for the kit. If I want an induction, it will be after I hit the 39 week mark (which is Christmas Eve). So Scarlett won't be here before Christmas unless she decides it's time on her own :)

Ideally, I'd prefer sooner (around 38 weeks) rather than later only because my class starts Jan 3rd. I did end up registering for a didactic course without clinicals (this will lighten my load my last quarter when I have the capstone course). I know I can manage an online class with a newborn...been there, done that ;) I am officially DONE with this quarter of school. 

Scarlett, we are all waiting for you!!!

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