Monday, April 25, 2011

WW: Week 15

Well I did not follow WW plan this week Some of you may know I was knocked down pretty good with some sort of intestinal bug. I've been battling it since Tuesday and still don't feel 100% yet. Friday the stomach pains were so intense and I was struggling to stay hydrated so I went to urgent care as soon as they opened and was there for 3 hours. They took blood and urine and started an IV. I got 2 liters of IV fluids before the cramps started to settle some. The Dr. palpated on my abdomen and I about crawled off the table in pain! I'm still waiting to here if it is a parasite (said it can take 4-5 days for the culture to come back). I highly doubt it was viral because the Dr. said my blood work looked fine (I was so lethargic I didn't even think to ask what my WBCs were). 

I honestly don't suggest catching an intestinal bug if you want to lose weight!!!  ;)  I'm very close to my goal weight now and I think I am ready to start slowing down with WW and start trying to maintain healthy eating habits.

Week 15 Weight Loss: 3 pounds (even after 2L of fluid!)
Total Weight Loss: 27.5 pounds!

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