Thursday, April 21, 2011

Operation "Wean"

Cody & I have decided its time to start slowly weaning Emma from breastfeeding. Although it is going great, I am worried I won't be able to keep up with her demand once she starts daycare next month (I haven't been getting along with the pump lately). I also just need a break. 

We introduced a very small amount (3/4 oz) mixed in with breast milk (1oz) and she actually took it! The pediatrician said she might refuse formula after being breastfeed for so long. Then we gave her a full oz of pure formula, which she took as well! Last night I was able to get her to drink 3oz of formula at bedtime. She is still really wanting to nurse from me so I let her. I don't want to just cut her off. I'd like it to be a smooth, natural wean for both of us (that way I don't have issues with drying up and it's less stressful on her). I imagine this will still be a months process and she's almost 7 months old already so I feel satisfied that she will be breastfed for 7-8 months. 


Kelly Grant said...

YOU DID AMAZING TONYA!!!!!!! She will have a great transition too! 7-8 months is AWESOME and she will be drinking cows milk soon anyways!!! Great job mommy...and I is hard to keep up with them when you are busy!!

The Sweatman Family said...

Thanks Kelly! It was a tough decision but since we have started to wean my stress level has dropped drastically regarding Emma starting daycare and not taking a bottle well. She has really started getting the hang of it!