Sunday, March 20, 2011

WW: Week 10

I am already on week 10 of WW and back on track from our little weekend trip. I am really starting to notice the weight loss now. My clothes don't fit, I need a new belt, and best of all....I feel better about myself!!

No new recipes to post this week but we have a new favorite family snack that I'd like to share :)

Our grocery store (HEB) has Kim's Magic Pop (they actually pop them in the store). These are a very "airy" type rice cake and the best part is...they are ZERO points!!! Reese LOVES them! She ate two the other night and asked for a 3rd but I said 2 was enough ;)

New favorite peanut butter to spread on the Magic Pops!! The honey roasted flavor is amazing!! This is sold at the same location as the Magic Pops are. This peanut butter is 5 points per 1oz (approx. a big heaping tbsp). 

Week 10 Weight Loss: 3 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 19.5 pounds!

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