Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emma is 6 Months!

Yesterday Emma turned 6 months!! I can't believe she is already halfway to being ONE!

See the monkey...

Eat the monkey!

Leg Stretches :)

Emma can sit up for a few seconds

Yesterday I realized I had not taken any pictures of Emma with the dogs and I felt bad about it. So here are some cute pics of Emma interacting with Bailey & Harley.


6 Months
*Emma now has TWO teeth! (The bottom two front ones)
*Emma knows her name when someone says it
*Emma is "almost" sitting unassisted
*Emma now eats homemade baby food twice a day (usually banana in the morning and carrots or sweet potatoes in the evening).
*Emma LOVES carrots and DISLIKES apples and butternut squash 
*Emma likes to make her presence known by doing this very high pitched scream (I think she learned that from Reese)
*Emma LOVES bath time!! She takes a bath in the tub with Reese and kicks and splashes :)  
*Emma is very laid back and easy going
*Emma is NOT sleeping through the night yet :( 
*Emma is so FULL of smiles it just brightens my day!!

Most importantly, we LOVE you very much Emma Grace! You have brought great joy and happiness to our family! Thank you for blessing our family!!

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Kelly Grant said...

Why are both your girls so photogenic?!!?!? She is beautiful!