Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reese Update

I just wanted to post an update on Reese's immunoglobulin panel. The results were basically inconclusive. IgG subclass 4 was in the low-normal range and being as though her labs were drawn while she was sick, you would expect high values. So...does this mean her lab value would actually be low if drawn when she was healthy?!

 We have been referred to a Hematologist/Oncologist who Reese will be seeing April 14th (1st available appointment). She will be seeing him for his expertise in Immunology. We have been warned this will involve more blood work. Our pediatrician also told us that the IgE levels were never drawn and to ask to have that tested at the time of bloodwork. IgE (associated with allergic reactions) can help us determine her skin issues (still dealing with hives). 


Lauren and Matt said...

Poor sweet girl! Prayers coming that you get answers soon and that it's something so simple that all she needs is an extra dose of vitamin C!

Kelly Grant said...

I will say some prayers around the appointment time. I hope they find the answers!!!

The Pokornys said...

Saying prayers for you guys!! Keep us updated on everything. Hang in there!