Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reese's Fun Run

Reese recently participated in the Apex Fun Run as part of a school fundraiser. She along with the other students ran laps to help raise money for their classroom curriculum. We asked family members to help pledge a monetary amount per lap. 16 laps = 1 mile and there was a 36 lap cap.

It was so much fun to go cheer her and the fellow students on!
They had a "mandatory walk lap" in the middle of the event. The kids found this the perfect time to compare how many laps each other had run.

I had no idea how far Reese could run since she has never participated in any kind of measured running event.
I was shocked that she ran 39 laps! That's 2.43 miles! I'm pretty sure she could handle a 5k race! She raised $529 with the help of family. Thank you to all who supported her by pledging!

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