Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Well Check Stats: G's 4mo & E's 4yr

The girls had well checks yesterday, which unfortunately included shots.

Height: 43.9" (High >97%)
Weight: 37.2 lbs  (67%)
BMI: 4%
She performed a vision test & hearing screening.

She also got 4 vaccines which ended up being 3 shots since one was a combo vaccine. I didn't tell Emma about the shots until the nurse walked in with them. I told Emma I wanted her to be brave for me. No one could believe it, she didn't cry!!! Even the nurse said "Seriously?!" I was so proud of her!

Length: 25" (72%, which was a jump up on her growth chart from 59%)
Weight: 14lb 4oz (51%)
Head Circumference: 17.4" (High - literally OFF the chart)
The pediatrician said the #1 reason for this is genetics. However, we need to make sure her head circumference makes the curve at the next appt or we will need to do a cranial ultrasound to rule out any issues. I have no doubts she will grow into her head ;)

She received the oral rotovirus vaccine along with 2 shots. I wish I could say G didn't cry either but we all know that babies cry with shots.

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