Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Georgia Rae - 4 Months Old!

October 12th- Georgia is 4 months old!

Cody said to me the other day that "it feels like Georgia has always been here"! I have to agree although maybe for different reasoning. I knew in my heart before we even got pregnant with her that we would have another girl and that she would be "Georgia Rae". I had bonded to her long before she even existed. We didn't need to find out gender with her ... I already knew. She makes our family complete and it is hard to think about it any other way. 

Eyes: baby blues

Clothes: size 6 months
Diapers: size 2

Nursing: breastfeeding every 3 hours during the day
Weight: 14 lbs 4oz
Teething: I can see TWO bottom teeth through her gums. They are moving up and I can feel the bulge but they haven't cut through yet. The pediatrician said they feel like they are trying to cut. She also showed me the outline of all her upper front teeth and said they are moving down as well. She is constantly chewing on her fingers and drooling. This little girl with have a mouth full of teeth early.

Solids: We got the all clear to start rice cereal at our leasure. Puree baby foods will start at 6 months. Georgia already opens her mouth for a spoon since that is how I administer her reflux medicine, which are micro granule beads that she has to swallow. I think she will do fine with the rice cereal. 

Sleep: Georgia keeps teasing me with sleeping through the night (STTN). She's done it a few times but then keeps reverting back to a night feed. I blame it on the teething.

Playtime: Georgia rolled over (tummy to back) for the 1st time on September 24th! She has done it 3 times now and I always seem to just miss catching it on video. 

Playtime is starting to get more fun now that she is interacting with the toys. It will be so much fun when she can sit up on her own and play with her sisters!

Personality: Georgia is finally "relaxing" a bit now that her reflux is controlled. 

She is extremely alert and takes everything in. 

She smiles & giggles at me, which instantly melts my heart! She is ticklish, especially her feet. 

She also thinks I'm pretty funny...

(I was hiding behind a doll and popping out saying "boo!")

She had her 4 month well check yesterday morning along with 2 shots & an oral vaccine. Her next pediatrician appt is at 6 months,

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