Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meet the Teacher Night

Ready or not...Reese is starting Kindergarten on Monday! I think the more accurate thing to say is that she is ready and I am not! How has 5 years already flown by? 

Tonight was Meet the Teacher night and Reese was so excited! First, we went into the cafeteria to buy the "spirit" goods (i.e., spirit shirt for Fridays, hair bows, spirit sticks (these little badges each child collects), and even a stuffed mascot, the Vineyard Ranch Bronco!

Then we deposited money into the cafeteria lunch account and waited in the atrium for the class hallways to open up for us to go meet the teacher & pick up car tags for the car line. 

Reese was greeted at her classroom door by her teacher, Ms. Keener. She shook Reese's hand and introduced herself and invited us into her classroom. Reese picked a cubby for the the year and we distributed out the school supplies into community piles. Ms. Keener took a picture of Reese, which I am sure will make its way onto a bulletin board somewhere in the room! Ms. Keener went to TAMUCC, which is were Cody and I went! She has four kids and has taught Kinder-2nd grade over the years. 
Reese knows one other friend in her classroom from ballet! She met another little girl in her classroom tonight and I am sure it won't be long before she's her new best friend! She also has several other friends in classrooms across the hall, which I am sure they will see each other during recess and lunch.

Monday will be here before we know it! I keep telling myself "I will not cry. I will not cry." But since I have already cried twice now while reading other blogs about how to survive the 1st day of kinder, I have a strong feeling I will barely make it to the car before being flooded with emotion.

Thank you for being so brave and eager to start kindergarten! Knowing how excited and happy you are over making new friends makes this all a little easier. I know you are the child who will be saying "ok, you can go now"! I know you won't be the child clinging to our legs begging us to take you back home. Part of this brings tears to my eyes knowing you will leave so easily. The other part of me is at peace knowing you are brave enough to take on the day of unknown without fear. 

You are a strong, brave, & smart little girl. You already know all your "popcorn words" that the teacher wants you to practice (plus many, many more). I pray that you spread your wings and grow because I know you are capable of great things! I am proud of you! I love you! 

All my love,

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