Thursday, August 7, 2014

Georgia Rae- 2 Months Old!

Look who is already TWO months old!
Eyes: currently blue but only time will tell if they will change or not
Clothes: Size 3 months
Diapers: Size 1
Nursing: breastfeeding every 2-3 hours
Weight: approximately 12lbs per home scale

Sleep: I "dream feed" her at 10:30pm each night before going to bed. She wakes up around 3:30am and 6:30am to eat and goes right back to sleep. She then wakes up around 8:30am and stretches and plays for awhile before napping. Georgia still can't sleep flat due to reflux issues. She sleeps in her vibrating lamb chair and I'm really hoping to merge her back to sleeping flat soon!

Playtime: Georgia still does a few minutes of tummy time each day and tries to scoot forward by pushing with her feet. She also sits in the Bumbo each day. She tolerates the Bumbo longer than tummy time.
1st time in her Bumbo @ 7 Weeks Old

Personality: Georgia now smiles when she sees us & hears us talking to her! Her sisters want her to be ticklish so bad but it is too early for that. She is most definitely a morning person!

Nursery: Her room is coming along! We got her changing pad cover & blanket within a week of her birthday. It took some time but I got scatter frames mounted above her changing table. She now has 2 canvas photos hanging from her newborn session. I made her bow board a few weeks ago (just need to hang it). I am currently working on three crafts for her room and then I will post final pictures of her room!

Next pediatrician appt: Next Thursday morning. Unfortunately, she will get three shots plus the oral rotovirus vaccine. I will be discussing different reflux medication options with the doctor. We have stopped the Zantac because she was having colic-like fits for 3-4hrs straight every afternoon/evening and I was desperate to try something to make it stop. Oddly enough, the prolonged crying sessions stopped but the reflux is back.

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