Tuesday, April 22, 2014

32 Weeks {8 Months}

Total weight gain: 20 lbs
Fetal size: a squash! (approximately 3.8-4 pounds & 17 inches long)
Movement: The baby is getting very strong and lets me know if he or she doesn't like how I am sitting. 
Symptoms: Braxton hicks and mild heartburn continue

I haven't gained weight since 28 weeks. I am sure the stomach bug I now have (after a week of caring for sick little girls) has caused the weight loss for this week. I am going to make sure baby is measuring on track at my appointment. 

I am so happy to have hit the 32 week milestone! At 32 weeks alveoli (air pocket cells) start to form in the lungs the baby should have breathing movements up to 40% of the time. The lower esophagus muscles are functional now. Glomeruli function (blood filtering capillaries in the kidneys) is now complete. The next milestone is at 34 weeks and then we are in the home stretch! 

I have a 32 week OB check up tomorrow morning. This will be my last monthly appointment and then I switch to every two weeks x 2 appointments, then weekly till delivery! 

My "diaper sprinkle" is in 2 weeks and I can't wait to stock up on the necessities for this baby! I have created a neutral wish list on Amazon so I can do a quick check out with anything I still need before delivery. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping! 

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