Tuesday, April 8, 2014

30 Weeks

Total weight gain: 20 lbs
Fetal size: a large cabbage or a (very large) cucumber! (approximately 3.25 pounds & 16 inches long)
Movement: The baby is getting more and more active. I tend to have a knee rolling around on my upper left quadrant. The baby has been getting a lot of hiccups too. 
Symptoms: Holy heartburn!!! The past 3 days have been unreal with the heartburn flare ups!
Exercise: Went on two 1mi power walks and desperately wanted to start running! I miss running so much!

Only 10 weeks to go until we meet this little one! I lost .5lb this past week and I am surprised but I will take it!

I actually had my 2nd gender specific dream on Sunday night. I dreamt that we had a gender reveal party and when we cut the cake it was pink in the middle (meaning a girl if you are unfamiliar with gender reveal parties).

I have worked out a deal with an Etsy seller and she is allowing me to pre-order a gender specific blanket & a changing pad cover for 25% off and I will notify her at delivery which gender the baby is. This allows her to pre-order all the fabric and be prepared to make the specific items quickly after delivery and get them in the mail to me within a few days after the baby is born. She will also pre-send me samples of each fabric so I can pre-match craft paints to the fabrics prior to delivery.

Who says you can't be prepared with a "Team Green" (gender surprise) baby?!

I am relieved almost all of our baby gear is not gender specific! The carseat is red, stroller is black, baby whale tub is aqua, the highchair is expresso and cream, the baby swing & vibrating chair are cream.

Things I need to get taken care of soon: get a new baby monitor, diaper bag (my zipper broke from overuse on mine but I could manage to keep using it), & stock up on diapers & breastfeeding supplies. I am thankful a friend is hosting a "diaper sprinkle" for me in May to help me stock up on necessities!

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