Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Smarties!

Preschool has become a much smoother process at home now that the girls know the routine and my expectations. Sometimes I don't feel like much is being learned but the videos are proof they are, in fact, learning!

Reese has learned 3 more sight words to add to her list!

She has also learned how to skip count by 2's and 5's on top of counting by 10's!

Emma can now say all 12 months of the year! (she also knows days of the week)

Emma has developed into a great artist and loves to color! She stays in the lines and gets very upset if she messes up or the colors are wrong.

Scarlett is able to identify all her body parts!

She can also count to five, fold her hands for prayer & say "Thank you Father"..."Amen". She is obsessed with trying to dress herself (even if she's already dressed). She now sits and pays attention to our morning songs and even tries to do any action movements associated with the song.

I am one proud Mom!!!

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