Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friendly Lovers Battle

This morning Cody & I participated in our very 1st chip timed race! We were up and ready to go bright & early ... and eager for a friendly lovers battle on the course :)
This was our 2nd 5k race but the first "real" one that was actually timed. The Color Me Rad 5k we did was just a novelty run that wasn't timed (and I am convinced the course wasn't even a full 5k).

We had some pre-race fun: stretching, listening to the music & admiring the UIW campus (which was very nice).

Courtesy of Scottydog Reports

For more than half of the course Cody was ahead of me and I was running at a faster pace than I was used to. Cody was running at sub-9 minute miles and I was struggling to keep up. It's crazy how much excitement & adrenaline can affect your pace/time.

I have got to learn how to be more photogenic in running pictures - this is terrible! I was cracking up laughing at the finish line because when I raised my arms up in celebration my earphone cord (that I had threaded under my shirt) caused my shirt to rise up too. So here I am cracking up and pulling my shirt back down. I hope I didn't scare anyone at the finish line...yikes!
Chip Time 27:57 Pace 9:00 Female 30-39 #20 Overall Female #42 Overall #130 out of 441 runners

Chip Time 29:53 Pace 9:37 Male 30-39 #32 Overall Male #110 Overall #169 out of 441 runners

Post race we got free breakfast tacos, beer (for Cody), popsicle (for me) & water! I think I chugged 2 bottles of water myself.
Reese's theory was for us to hold hands so we would finish together (aka: I would help Daddy be faster)! 

Really wish they had thought about the sun angle for this post race set up

All race stats are posted here!

We are very happy that we have started running. We are much healthier and stronger than we have ever been (especially me)! A friend let me borrow her copy of Run Like a Motherand I am almost finished reading it. It is very inspirational for all of us moms who "just don't have time" and "don't like to run".

I see a lot more races in our future!

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