Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Are We There Yet?! {Solution}

We recently went on a road trip that was 6 hours each way and we have 3 little girls (ages: 4, 2.5, & 18mo). Reese (age 4) is very good at the "Are we there yet?" phrase that most parents dread. Toddlers don't really understand how many hours away something is. Instead, I set up this very simple toddler timeline!

All I did was print out this car printable and had Reese color it. I then laminated it (which is not necessary but since this was our 2nd time doing this I wanted something I could keep around). After cutting it out, I simply used a craft blade to cut a tiny slit at each end of the car. Then I threaded through some curly ribbon and tied it across the back seat. I then took a Sharpie and made 6 lines across the ribbon to represent hours on the road.

All I had to do is say "When the car gets to the very last black line, we are there!" We didn't once hear the phrase "Are we there yet?!"
*NOTE For those who look at this as a choking hazard: #1 my girls couldn't each it from their carseats #2 we don't allow them to ever be in the backseat unbuckled & #3 the ribbon is just a simple bow so it will release if pulled on.

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