Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarlett's Repeat VCUG Testing

As I have posted before, Scarlett has VUR (Vesicoureteral Reflux) which puts her at very high risk for kidney infections. She got her 1st kidney infection at only 3 months old, which is how we realized she had VUR. She has been on daily antibiotic ever since.

The protocol is to repeat the VCUG test yearly until they no longer have the reflux. On Tuesday we went ahead and repeated the test (I wanted to get it done before I find a job and don't have the availability to take her). It was much harder this time with Scarlett being older. 

Before Smiles

They did put numbing medication in her diaper for a few minutes but I promise you she didn't think it worked. A catheter was inserted into her bladder and a contrast solution was injected into her bladder and a series of realtime X-rays were taken. I had to stand at the head of the table and hold her arms above her head. The RN held her feet. Once 60ml were inserted into her bladder the reflux started.

At 3mo old her right kidney only had "minimal reflux" and the left was a grade 2.

 The results this time were that the right kidney was now a grade 2 (so it got worse) and the left kidney didn't show any reflux on the 1st attempt. The Dr. said there was no point in repeating it to see if the left would reflux since she proved to do it on the right. 

Therefore, we have to continue the daily antibiotic for another year. We are increasing her Bactrim dose just slightly to accommodate for her growth but it is still on the low side of being therapeutic. The VCUG will have to be repeated again in 1 year.

The hope is that she "outgrows" this reflux. Her growing should help stretch out her ureters and stop this urine reflux. The pediatrician said most children outgrow this by ages 4-6. I really can't imagine doing this yearly at toddler age ... how do you even try to explain it?! Most children with a grade 2 or less reflux do not require surgery.

We really, really pray she outgrows this & fast!

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