Friday, January 11, 2013

Holy Sickness!!

What a week this has been and it's not even over yet!

Last Friday at 11pm Emma got hit with a stomach bug + fever and was vomiting ALL night long (about every 30min-1 hour intervals). Around 4am we finally gave her a dose of Zofran for her weight to get her to stop - she. was. miserable. Saturday morning Reese asked for breakfast and ended up getting sick herself at the table - ugh! So we officially had 2 kids with the stomach bug + fever.

 Cody left for work and I set the girls up on the couch armed with bowls, blankets, and washcloths. Scarlett and I tried to quarantine ourselves by playing in other rooms. It worked well until Emma started having stomach pains and wanted to be held. Let me say, it is VERY hard to entertain an active 1 year old when there are two sick girls that need to be cared for. 

Monday, I find out that Scarlett's teacher worked all day with a fever and at the end of the day found out she was strep + ... just great! 

Reese recovered fairly quickly but Emma was having a MUCH harder time. She was extremely lethargic, fevers got up to 104.6, hadn't eaten in days, was coughing and now wheezing. 

Tuesday, Cody took the girls into to be seen and they ruled out the flu. They said this kicked Emma into Asthma and we needed to start her inhalers again (I had already started the Albuterol earlier that day). They gave her a nebulizer treatment there to make sure she cleared up and didn't have pneumonia.

Tuesday night is when I got the lovely stomach bug - ugh! 

Wednesday, Emma's teacher calls to inform me there is a confirmed case of RSV in the class. I told her Emma definitely had a stomach virus but probably had RSV too. I called our pediatrician to inform her that the inhalers were not working at all and Emma was still wheezing, breathing too fast & using her stomach muscles to breath. They wanted to see her that afternoon. 

Photo: Playing doctor on an alligator :)
Playing doctor to an alligator while waiting to be seen

Emma's respiration rate was 42 (nearly double) but she was compensating good since her O2 sats were 97-98%. The pediatrician was worried that she was going to tire out soon though since this had been going on for days. She wanted to start oral steroids, nebulizer treatments every 4 hours, and continue the inhaled steroids. Oh and I should add that Emma now has an ear infection! So we needed to start antibiotics as well.

Photo: Wheezing and respiratory rate of 42 (about double than normal). Adding oral steroids to the mix. Plus she has an ear infection to top it off.
Don't let this smile fool you, she hates wearing this mask!

Thursday, I go to pick Scarlett up from daycare at 4pm and she was crying hard! They said she had been like that all day (well thanks for the update!) I told them she may be hungry that she snacks all the time at home. When I picked her up she was HOT! I asked if they had checked her temperature and they hadn't. I could tell something was wrong and this wasn't just "hungry". I checked her temp as soon as we got home and she was 102.3! I WAS SO UPSET, FRUSTRATED, LIVID!!! Why didn't they check her temperature when she was obviously hot and inconsolable crying all day?!?!? It was now too late to get Scarlett into the pediatrician for the day - lovely. 

Thursday Night- I completely lose it! Emotionally. I was exhausted from a full week of sick girls plus Emma struggling to recover, sick myself but didn't even have time to "be sick" and now another one is sick with no end in sight. Two margaritas?! Yes, please (whether my stomach can handle them or not)!!

Friday, after being up most of the night with Scarlett I get her into the pediatrician at 3pm to rule out this strep she was exposed to on Monday. She doesn't have the GI upset that Reese, Emma & myself had. She's drinking more fluids than normal and is hoarse when she cries (which makes me think her throat). I tried to look at the back of her throat but it's impossible with a tongue depressor at that age. The pedi said her throat was "very red, poor baby". Her rapid strep test was negative (we had the culture sent out). She agreed with me it wasn't the stomach virus and didn't look like RSV. She said her breathing was a bit "course" but not wheezing. She said it could be the start of croup or hand, foot & mouth (but we don't have any rashes/blisters at this point). It is most likely viral but she did give us samples of antibiotic in case she gets really bad over the weekend.

And that's our week in a nutshell. 
I need to say a special thank you to Meme for coming over to help out, babysit so I can go to pedi appt with Scarlett, and for bringing a wonderful "Get Well" basket full of soup, clorox, lysol & kleenex!

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