Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scarlett Kate is 10 Months!

Happy 10 Months Scarlett Kate!!

Look what I can do!

Mobility: She sure has hit several milestones over the past month! Scarlett went from barely army crawling to crawling really fast and mostly on her knees now. She pulls up on everything and has started transferring between close furniture (from couch to coffee table).

She has even mastered drinking from a straw!
Sneaking her sister's drink

Eating: She eats almost everything we are eating. We have introduced strawberries with no reaction but she isn't much of a fan yet. She still is unsure about most fruit but eats vegetables and meat really well! Oh and this girl LOVES ravioli and turkey sausage! 

Nursing: She is still a nursing champ! I really really wish she would sleep through the night though...its getting old. I am so proud that we have made it to 10 months of breast milk! I am anxious for the transition to whole milk at 12 months so I can finally have a break.

Teething: Her bottom two molars are about to cut! They have been slowly moving up and now I can really feel them. These will be teeth #9 & 10.

Personality: She is the happiest baby and such a ham!! You can just look at her and she will light right up and wrinkle her nose :) She wants to be doing whatever her sisters are doing! She loves playing kitchen and with her sister's doodle pad.

Communication: She's been signing "milk" and we are working on "more" and "all done". She can both wave and say "bye bye".

We love you Scarlett Kate!!!

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Kelly Grant said...

She is a DOLL! AND she is more mobile than my Caleb who is exactly two months ahead!!!! I love her, I wish I could squeeze her :)