Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scarlett is 2 Months Old!

Scarlett turned 2 months old yesterday but unfortunately she was very sick. She woke up with a fever and we had a pediatrician appointment already scheduled for 8:30am for her 2 month shots. When we got there she had soaked through her outfit and car seat padding from sweat. She was 100.9 when they took her temperature (although I'm sure she had been higher). Her well visit quickly turned into a sick visit. We were sent to Methodist Children's Hospital for a thorough work up due to her young age. They drew a CBC, blood cultures, a respiratory viral panel, a cath UA and administered a shot of Rocephin. At 4pm she was 101.5 and miserable! Our pediatrician is wonderful and called me last night from her cell phone and again today (even though she was off). Her CBC was normal, respiratory viral panel was negative, but her urine is growing 40,000 gram negative rods. Most likely the bacteria growing is E. coli (we will know tomorrow). Once you get a fever from a UTI it is typically considered pyleonephritis at that point (a kidney infection). Due to her age she should be hospitalized for IV antibiotics. Since Cody & I have medical backgrounds the pediatrician trusts us enough for us to make the decision. Scarlett has not had anymore fever and is nursing fine so we decided to continue Rocephin injections today and tomorrow instead of going to the hospital. She will have to get a renal ultrasound and a repeat urine specimen once she is cleared due to her age.

She was content this morning so I took her monthly pictures:

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