Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quiet Book: Dress Me Doll & Armoire

I've been casually working on these two pages for a while and I love how they turned out! This is a two page spread of a "Dress Me Doll" and her "Armoire" to store her outfits.

I got the inspiration from this blog which provides the template for the doll and some basic clothes. Her underwear are the soft side of velcro sewn on for the clothes to stick to. I free-handed the mannikin which has the soft side of black velcro on it for clothes to hang. 

These are my favorite outfits: Polka Dot PJs & a Ballerina outfit

This page is her armoire which I free-handed and although it's not perfect the girls will love it. I used buttons for the door knobs. 

Inside are 2 dresses, 2 shirts, 2 pair of pants, & 2 shirts. I used round sticky dot velcro on the back and although they are sticky I still secured them down. All clothes are two layers to add stability to the felt.

This is inside of the armoire without the clothes. I used the soft side of velcro to make rods to hang the clothes on and added a pocket at the bottom for extra storage.

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