Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reese's Lab Results

We finally got our answer to why Reese is chronically sick! She has Selective IgA Deficiency meaning she doesn't produce IgA (an important immunoglobulin for the immune system). Normal values for IgA are 12-140 and Reese's level is 2! This explains why she gets sick more often than other children and is sick for longer periods of time. She will require antibiotics for 14-20 days instead of the typical 7 day course. 

There is no treatment for this. 1 in 500 people have this but not everyone becomes symptomatic, like Reese. The 1st 6 years of her life will be an obstacle of illness according to the hematologist. She will eventually outgrow it. The best thing we can do for her is prevent her from getting sick. We are to continue her daily vitamins, start probiotics daily, and nasal rinses to keep her sinuses clear.

"IgA is known as the secretory antibody. If our mucosal surfaces were spread out they would cover an area equal to one and one-half tennis courts, so the importance of IgA in protecting our mucosal surfaces cannot be overstated." IgA protects the "mucosal surfaces, which include: mouth, ears, sinuses and nose, throat, airways within the lung, gastrointestinal tract, eyes, and genitalia". This is why Reese is always complaining that her tummy hurts. It can cause something called Leaky Gut Syndrome, where the tight junctions of the intestines now have gaps. This might explain how Reese was septic with Salmonella at 7 months old. She didn't have the intestinal protection. 

She was negative for celiac & crohn's disease....Thank God!

Isn't she beautiful?!


Kelly Grant said...

To answer your question in your picture caption....yes she is beautiful!!!

I am just thankful you have your answer and you do not have to wonder anymore. The Grant Gang will pray for special protection over Reese.

The Sweatman Family said...

Thank you Kelly!! You have really been supportive through all this and I am thankful!!