Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 8 Months Emma!!

I can't believe Emma is already 8 months old (yesterday)! I know I say this every month :) She is really changing and developing so much. 

Teething: Emma is cutting her top two front teeth (one of the two have actually erupted) which will total 4 teeth
Crawling: Emma is on the VERGE of taking off any day now!! She gets up onto her knees and rocks back and forth. She can lay on her tummy and manage to inch worm her way around. 
Eating: Emma loves to eat solid foods! There isn't much she refuses to eat (so far just green beans and peas). We have recently introduced blueberries, broccoli, turkey, beef and she loves it all. The other day Reese and I were eating apple slices and Emma wanted some so I broke off little tiny bites and she ate them just fine! She has been eating whole puffs for a while now and also likes to eat Mum Mums (rice biscuits for teething). She can reach for a puff off the table and put it in her mouth very gracefully now (so far I think she is left-handed, she always reaches with her left for eating). 
Sippy Cup: Emma has started drinking water from her Nuk sippy cup. We have had it out around her for exposure for a while now but she mainly just chomped on it. She is now drinking from it with a purpose :)
Play Time: She LOVES to play and play!! Emma is pretty self entertained for a baby. She is happy as long as she has something to play with. She loves to jump in her jumperoo and walk in her around-we-go. I think bath time is her favorite!!
Sleep: She is now officially a tummy sleeper. Even if we lay her down on her back she will roll onto her tummy within 5 seconds. She has been going down pretty early at night since starting day care (around 6:30pm). She was sleeping till about 5am but now with the two teeth coming thru she is waking up several times a night.
Communication: Emma can now shake her head "no" and sometimes she will mimic me signing "milk". Her only words so far are "mama" and "dada" :)

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Kelly Grant said...

Great pics!! Awesome that she seems to be a great eater and LOVE she is signing, YAY!!!! Cannot wait to hear more about this!