Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Guessed It...

Reese is sick....AGAIN!

She has "we believe" an Enterovirus. She started having nausea/vomiting/diarrhea Saturday and continued on Sunday. On Monday those symptoms ceased and she starting having a fever. Monday it seems to stay low grade (101). Tuesday she woke up from her nap and was inconsolably crying. Cody took her to the after hours pediatric clinic near us since we couldn't get her into the primary pedi. They said that GI issues followed by a fever is most likely the enterovirus and that she should be over the hump and start getting better. 

Well Reese doesn't like to follow plans. She spiked to 103 right before bed, shivers, blue lips...the whole shebang! We got her fever under control before putting her to bed. At 3am Cody went up to check on her since I was up with Emma and Reese was 102. When the clinic called this afternoon to check on her I told them about the night and continued high fevers. She said to bring her back for flu testing. This is not the easiest when having to transport both the sick toddler and a 4mo baby!!! Her flu was why the constant high fevers every month with Reese....?

Next step: test her immune system. She will have a quantitative immunoglobulin panel drawn tomorrow at the lab. This may give us insight into why she seems to catch "everything". This is something we have been discussing with our primary pediatrician for a long time now. The clinic pediatrician said "it's time". 

Please pray for our baby girl that all is well!!


Lauren and Matt said...

Prayers being sent!!! I hope sweet Reese feels better soon!

dawnzer said...

Keep us posted! Thoughts and prayers going out to your family!

Amy'sThoughts for 2011 said...

Will be praying Tonya! Love u guys ;)