Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 5 Months Emma!!!!!

Our baby girl is growing up! She's 5 months today (since there aren't 30 days in February). 

Eating: We are still exclusively breastfeeding! I feel like this is a huge accomplishment because it requires dedication, patience, and persistence to be successful. We started introducing organic rice cereal once she recovered from RSV at 4 months. We have gone very slow with it and I need to start making it a daily routine. 

Size: She's a little over 14 pounds now! She is now wearing 6mo clothes and has been in size 2 diapers for a while. 

Sleep: She nurses around 8:30pm (after I have been able to get Reese down for the night) and goes to sleep. She then wakes up at 10:30-11pm to eat again and then sleeps until 3am. I feed her then and she sleeps until 6am, eats, and then sleeps until about 9am. I WISH she would drop a feeding at night but she has been pretty set on this schedule for a while now. Once she drops the 3am feeding we will move her upstairs to her room.

Personality: Emma is just a "ham"!! She is FULL of smiles :) She has the sweetest little giggle too!! Cody "thinks" he heard her say "dada" the other day....I HIGHLY doubt that happened ;)

Teething: She is working on cutting her bottom two teeth already!! I can feel them and see the white through her gums but they aren't starting to break through yet. She isn't a fan of chilled teethers (doesn't like anything cold in her mouth) and she is still completely paci free (not our choice...hers)! Her fingers and Sophie work perfectly fine for her :)

Activity: She ALWAYS has her feet in her hands when she's laying flat. She loves her activity chair from Santa and loves the activity mat that Reese had as a baby. She has recently figured out how to actually jump around in the jumper and enjoys banging on the piano keys on the Around We Go (this is by far one of our favorite baby gear toys). 

Here are some pictures from this past month (since I got behind on blogging):

Patio Time

Rice Cereal:

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Kelly Grant said...

I love those pics of her in the bed!!! For some reason, she still reminds me of the vague memories I have of you sister when we were in jr high.