Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sneak Peek....

We got the majority of Reese's Big Girl furniture in today!! I still have to accessorize, please keep that in mind! The duvet cover needs the down filling (coming soon), curtains will be hung, wall photos, etc. I have safety rails for both sides of her bed so she won't fall out :)

Her bookcase and twin trundle bed (bedside table in far right corner-may move it)

Bed wall

Window wall

Bedding (Going to monogram an R on white pillow)

Reese's 1st reaction to her new room...."Up!"

Making herself cozy reading a book in bed (I was washing the pillow cases)


Jill Ash said...

Great job on the stripes girly! I know from experience, they are time consuming, but worth it. I need to finish Avery's room so I can post pics. What are you planning on doing with Emma's?....decorating for girls is so fun :)

The Sweatman Family said...

I am hardly finished but was SO excited about the paint job I couldn't wait to post pictures. I still need curtains, artwork, and a down filler for her duvet.

Emma's room will be blue and pink with stenciling. My stencil should be arriving any day now :)