Friday, June 25, 2010


On Wednesday I got a call from my endocrinologist office stating they received my thyroid sono results and that I needed a biopsy! I was caught off guard since my appointment with him on Monday had gone so smoothly. So yesterday morning Cody took me for a biopsy of my left thyroid nodule (50mm). They wouldn't let Cody go into the procedure room with me, which threw both of us off guard. 

My nodule was right next to my artery, so the radiologist said he had to go in from a very specific angle to make sure not to hit my artery. JUST GREAT! He numbed the area with Lidocaine and that stung a bit. Then he said he needed to numb it more deeper down, that's when I lost my composer. It hurt SO bad! I couldn't see and could barely breathe b/c the sterile drape covered my face. I also couldn't move a muscle b/c it was so close to my artery. He had to take 3 separate biopsies from the one nodule to make sure he got cells from different areas of the nodule. The last biopsy he did I felt completely. I never want to have to do that again and would rather go through childbirth than go through that! I never get faint or weak after giving blood and am not a squeamish person at all...but this bothered me big time! Something about putting needles in my neck got to me pretty good. I kinda felt embarrassed for crying during the procedure but the burning/pressure/pinching was very intense.

Praying for good results!!

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hollie marie said...

That's no fun!!! :( Sorry you had such a rough day! Hope the results are normal!!!