Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today was fun, exciting and nerve racking all at the same time! We met the new OB this morning and all seemed well. I had gained 1 pound in 2 weeks, blood pressure great, etc. I went to the appoinment knowing we were getting the anatomy sonogram done for the gender. At the end of our meet and greet he said "ok, that's it for today, we will schedule you for the anatomy sono". I was SHOCKED! I said, we were scheduled for today, it was confirmed and I was even told I could video record it! He said he didn't have the time to do the anatomy sono because of other patients. I got upset and explained to him that Cody took the whole day off work for this and we were expecting it. He made us wait a while, but he did the sono (himself). The sono machine was very old and outdated and you couldnt really see anything. He said he was 90% sure it was a girl, but I didn't see the money shot. That wasnt a good enough answer for me!! I need to know!! I need to plan!!

So I frantically called the first 4D ultrasound place that showed up on my google search and got another sono scheduled for 12:30!! I was so nervous at the thought of not knowing!

The 4D ultrasound was AMAZING and the guy who did it was awesome! He immediately told us the gender:

It's A GIRL!!

Meet Emma Grace!!


Today Reese turned 15 months and found out she was going to have a little SISTER!! When I told her she was having a sister she smacked her lips like she was giving a kiss!! Reese is going to be so lucky to have a sister that is close to her! They will get to grow up together being best friends! I imagine lots of hair bows, matching outfits, tutus, gymnastics and lots of fun! I am so blessed to have a wonderful sister...Reese is going to be equally blessed!!

Happy 15 Months Reese!

Tomorrow Reese has her 15mo check up, which unfortunately involves shots :(

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