Tuesday, May 11, 2010

19 Weeks and 2 Little Girls Room Make-Overs!

I'm 19 weeks already! These weeks are just flying by! I still feel completely great! I don't even notice I'm pregnant unless I walk past a mirror or Emma starts to kick me (when I'm trying to go to sleep of course)!!

19 Weeks:
Your baby's crown-to-rump length is 5.2 to 6 inches this week. Your baby weighs approximately 7 ounces and will increase its weight more than 15 times between now and birth! 

Most women have gained up to 14 pounds now and only 7 ounces of that is your baby! The placenta weighs about 6 ounces and the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby weighs 11 ounces. Your breasts have increased in weight by 6 ounces each and the uterus has grown to 11 ounces! You may be gaining weight in places other than your abdomen and this may be affecting your posture and sleeping habits. 

One of the most amazing aspects of your baby's growth and development is that of the fetal brain. Your baby's brain is one of the first organs to appear. Your baby's oversized head shows the brain's importance in his development. Because the nerves that connect the muscles to the brain have grown into place, your baby's movements are consciously directed. Your baby's ears stand out from the sides of the head and the buds for your baby's permanent teeth appear. Your baby's arms and legs have reached their relative proportions and his feet are approximately one inch long.
We have ordered Emma's crib bedding!! We will be re-using Reese's crib furniture for Emma and actually she will be getting Reese's current bedroom so that I don't have to move her nursery furniture.

Here is the bedding we ordered (to some degree....we are having it changed up a bit).

There won't be any of the floral fabric that you see on the inside of the bumper. The blue damask that is on the outside of the bumper will replace it. The right/left sides of the bumper will be replaced with the pink polkadot pattern you see on the ribbon. Her name will be monogrammed on the inside center of the crib bumper. The sheet isn't included, so we will find one separately.

Yesterday and today I took Reese to her new school to meet her teacher and play for a bit to get used to her surroundings. She did MUCH better than I could have hoped for!! She starts on Monday.

Here is the twin trundle bed we are 99.9% sure we will be getting Reese for her new big girl bedroom!

I have ordered fabric samples of both girl's bedding so I can start matching paint colors! It's going to be SO MUCH FUN having 2 girls!!

Cody & I:
This Thursday we close on our house in Corpus!! Woohoo!! That will all be behind us soon! We have had irrigation installed in backyard already and this week we will be having 3 TX Red Oaks planted followed by soil and grass!

Saturday Cody graduates pharmacy school!! This is such a big accomplishment and I can't believe he has finally made it to this point! It has been a LONG 4 years of school for him (and me). I couldn't be more proud of my husband! This summer he will be taking 2 board exams and then officially be a pharmacist!!


Kelly Grant said...

Cute, cute and CUTE to the two beddings and the new big girl bed. Your baby bump is looking cute too!!! Make me almost ready again....ALMOST :) HAHAHA!

Congratulations on the house and the school! So many exciting things. Growing up isnt so bad huh? :)

The Sweatman Family said...

Thanks Kelly! Growing up is not so bad at all!!

Jill Ash said...

2 little girls...you are gonna have so much fun! I am actually looking for new bedding and bed for Avery too. Where did you find Reese's bedding?...i love it!

The Sweatman Family said...

Thanks Jill! It's called Annette Tatum bedding (she has several designs). Here is one website that sells it: www.rosenberryrooms.com

When will Avery be having a little brother/sister?!

Jill Ash said...


No brother or sister yet, full-time school and part-time working is all I can handle right now. We will see though....

The Sweatman Family said...

I understand! I start school full time in June, but I stopped working :) good luck!!