Monday, October 27, 2008

25 Weeks!

Woohoo!! Another week down, only 15 more to go! I have gained a total of 9 pounds so far. I have come to realize that Reese LOVES it when I eat ice cream :o) It always makes her start kicking me!! I am trying to take it more easy now. I have a follow up appt. on Monday with a repeat sono. The painter is coming on Wednesday to paint the nursery and we are thrilled!!

We have also been informed that not is only is Reese a family name, but so is Addison!! Addison is a family name on my side. It was my great-great grandfather's middle name :o) We are thrilled to have chosen a name that has family ties on both sides!!

During Week 25: Reese is now more than 1 1/2 pounds in weight! Capillaries are forming under her skin and filling with blood. By the end of this week, air sacs lined with capillaries will develop in her lungs, getting them ready for her 1st breath. Her vocal cords are functioning now, leading to occasional hiccups (which I may start to feel)!

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