Monday, June 16, 2008

6 Weeks Today!!

I am 6 weeks today, only 34 more to go :o) So far, I am still feeling great!! A few episodes of nausea yesterday, but it only lasted a few minutes and was gone...thank goodness! I am starting to get very anxious for my 1st appointment on Wednesday. I really hope he will do an ultrasound so we can see if everything is on track. We should be able to see a heartbeat during the ultrasound!!

During Week 6: The heartbeat (aka: blood circulation) is now established! The arms and legs are forming. The eyes, inner ear and larynx are all starting to form. The lining of the placenta begins developing but the placenta will not take over production of the hormones until about week 12.

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Viv said...

6 weeks always seemed like a milestone for some reason. I guess because it's when you first get to see real signs of life 'in there.' Congrats!! It will be so exciting to see that flickering heartbeat on the ultrasound machine. Keep us posted!