Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sprinkles the Elf {Day 6}

The girls woke up to something special from Sprinkles! We welcomed our very own elf pet, which we get to adopt and name!
The girls started calling her Sugar without including me into the official Sugar it is ;) They girls are allowed to snuggle and love Sugar and their Christmas spirit is stored as magic in her glittering heart charm which will help the sleigh fly!

To see more of Sprinkles the Elf click here.


Holly said...

Tonya, I have been reading your blog since you found out that you were pregnant with Scarlett. I cannot remember how I found you. I just want to encourage you to keep on posting. Most of the blogs I read are so meticulously curated, edited, and sponsored. Yours is one of the last few that I look at that is still "real". I think your family is precious and you seem like such a wonderful mommy. Thank you for sharing.

Tonya said...

Thank you so very much Holly! Maybe from The Bump...? I've fallen so far behind on blogging and I feel guilty about it. It is something I enjoy doing!! Thanks for reading :)