Thursday, November 13, 2014

Georgia Rae - 5 Months Old!

November 12th- Georgia is 5 months old!

Eyes: hanging on to blue

Clothes: size 9 months (outgrown some 6mo outfits. Our winter clothes are 12mo and they aren't too far off from fitting)
Diapers: size 2
Nursing: breastfeeding every 3 hours during the day
Weight: 14+ (she was 14lbs 4 oz last month and I haven't weighed her again)
Teething: She has TWO teeth! Both have cut through and working their way up.
Solids: We started rice cereal but are going very slow with it. She gets a small amount about once a week and takes it great!
Bath time: We have upgraded her from the baby tub to a Bumbo bath with her sister! She can't support herself in the baby bath ring yet. She has really started kicking and splashing around!
Sleep: We have had a few rough nights recently. I know she can make it through the night so I'm not sure what is waking her up now that the teeth have cut. 
Playtime: She is so close to rolling over from back to stomach! Her upper body goes but lower half doesn't follow.

She is tolerating tummy time for longer periods of time and usually ends up rolling over onto her back. She is mesmerized by this blanket in her bedroom!

Personality: She is definitely our most "serious" baby. She is constantly looking around and taking everything in.

I have to work for it but I can't get enough of these smiles!

She has started to notice when I walk out of a room and starts to cry. She has also started displaying stranger anxiety when being held by other people. It seems early for this but she has been pretty consistent with this behavior. 

Next pediatrician appointment is at 6 months.

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