Monday, July 14, 2014

Georgia Rae - 1 Month Old!

How has it already been one month since Georgia entered the world?!

Clothes: still in newborn size but very close to needing size 3mo
Diapers: merging into size 1
Nursing: breastfeeding like a pro every 2-3 hours
Weight: approximately 9.5lbs per home scale
Sleep: We are lucky that Georgia naps at the same time as her sisters and has the same bedtime at night. Georgia has her days and nights straight, thankfully. However, she's not very consistent with sleep cycle length yet. At night she typically sleeps in 2hr increments with one 3.5hr increment per night. Then, there are times she is up hourly.
Playtime: Georgia is not awake for very long periods of time. We do tummy time for short periods of time but she ends up crying after a few minutes. 
Poolside, July 11th
Next pediatrician appt: Thursday morning for 1 month well-check.

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