Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reese's 4th UP Adventure Party

On Saturday, Reese had her 4th Birthday Party and she chose the theme of Disney Pixar UP. I have to admit - this one has been the most fun to plan so far! Balloons just make everyone happy! 

The party was supposed to be outside in our backyard but unfortunately we had some rainy weather. We ended up with 20 kids and 28 adults all inside. We set up the bounce house upstairs in the game room for the kiddos to be "wild" and opened the girls' rooms to allow kids to go play. We brought the dollhouse downstairs, which was a BIG hit with the little ones who didn't want to jump in the bounce house. I have to say - it went very smoothly with no major  meltdowns or injuries ;)

Enjoy the pictures...

Calling all Wilderness Explorers!

The Pinata

The Favor Table

My Adventure Book

The Ellie Badge

Adventure Awaits with UP movie playing


Dessert Spread

The Amazing Cake

Balloon Cupcakes with Sky Blue Icing

Extra Cupcakes and "Balloon Bites" (trix + marshmallows)

Balloon Pops

Cups of Sky

Balloon Ice

My Birthday Girl!!!!

Papa & Sleepy Scarlett

Papa & Emma

Emma & Uncle Nathan

Aunt Christi & Kelly

Nana & Scarlett

Sarah loving the snacks

Zoe eating a cup of sky ... "Mmmmm"

 Sweet Emma


Reese's friends playing upstairs: Luke, Julia & Lilly


Sanjay & Cody

Reese telling Papa how old she is now

Reese was so proud!

"Happy Birthday To You..."

"Happy Birthday To You..."

 "Happy Birthday Dear Reese..."

"Happy Birthday To You..."


She was so proud of pinata and constantly said "Thank you mommy for making my pinata!"

18ish kids later the pinata broke with the last child in line!


       Mommy & Daddy hope you felt very special at your birthday party and we know you are very loved with all your sweet friends who showed up! Your whole class practically came and I know that made you happy. Nobody wanted to miss you turning 4! I know you got some special bonding time with your Papa & Uncle Nathan who flew in from Illinois to see you. You asked Papa for a seemingly impossible gift: a purple octopus and wouldn't you know...he found you one! You immediately gave that purple octopus a big hug and named her "Jelly". We all love you very much and are proud of the girl you are becoming!
Mommy & Daddy

Reese & Jelly

The Details:

Pinata: made by me
Adventure Books: made by me with this free download
Ellie Badge: made by me following this tutorial (but don't take a lighter to the air bubbles, just use a pin point)
Coloring Pagesfree printables
Cups of Sky: Blue Jello + Cool whip
Balloon Bites: Trix cereal + marshmallows (follow rice krispy directions)
Reese's Balloon Dress: Etsy Seller SmashedPeasNCarrots
Balloon Cluster Cupcake Toppers: Etsy Seller PartyGurlShoppe
Adventure Awaits Banner: made by me
Balloon Ice: Fill water balloons then freeze
Cupcakes & Sky Blue Buttercream Icing: made by me
The Cake: LydiasCakes

I did tie balloons to Reese's shoes but never got a picture.

Our guests enjoyed pizza, salad, chips, fruit, veggies, grape juice, water, diet soda, & the men drank beer of course.


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