Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Scarlett Kate!

I can't believe I am writing this but Scarlett is ONE! The baby days are done and she is officially a big girl now (sniff sniff). Here are pictures from her actual birthday on 12/27:

In shock that she's ONE!

You can't make me sit in this chair

See, I can get down all by myself!

Loving her rocking sheep that was a Christmas gift

This is what happens when we force her to drop her morning nap

That evening once Aunt Ashley and Victor arrived we sang Happy Birthday and I think she felt pretty special :)

Happy Birthday To You...

Happy Birthday To You...

Taste Test

The damage

Talking: Scarlett can now say "Reese" & "Emma" (she has been for weeks now and I'm highly impressed her sisters' names were in her top 5 words!!), "ouch", and she says "uh" from 'uh oh', she tries to say "more" & "mmm, yummy".

Signing: She can sign "milk", "eat", "more", "bye bye", "all done"

Naps: She HAS to drop her morning nap since she's moving up out of the nursery at daycare and they will only take the one nap (12:30-2:30). This past week we have forced her to skip the 10am nap and it has been interesting. She has fallen asleep in someone's arms at least twice and on the floor. 

Eating: She eats everything we do. She is starting to like fruit now and can clear some blackberries and strawberries! She wants to feed herself and can even use a fork pretty successfully. 

Nursing: We made it one year! Woohoo!! Now for the weaning...we have dropped all daytime nursing sessions and are still doing the morning, evening and middle of the night nursing. I can't wait for this to stop. Starting tonight we are going to start offering water in the middle of the night to try and get her to drop that feed. Once we are past that we will work on the other two.

Whole Milk: She gets whole milk bottles at daycare now and is doing fine with the change but won't take it from a cup (I've tried multiple spout cups and warm & cold options). So dropping the bottle is also being worked on.

Paci: She has never taken one (although I would have love her to but at least we don't have to break that habbit). 

Mobility: Scarlett will walk while pushing a walker toy/stroller, or while holding onto the tables, walls, etc. She has let go and attempted a few steps. I think she knows she can do it but doesn't want us to see her ;) She has also started climbing (up the stairs, on the fire place hearth, on step stools, etc.)

Personality: She is so so so happy and smiley! She LOVES her sisters and will ask for them when she wakes up if they aren't around. She wants to be doing EVERYTHING they are doing (coloring, cooking, baby dolls, dress up, etc). She gives THE BEST HUGS too! She will put both arms around your neck and just squeeze and hold...I love it! She has started learning how to blow kisses (she smacks her lips together) and she can mimic me blowing air (like blowing out a candle). 

Happy 1st Birthday Scarlett Kate! 
We all love you very much!!!

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