Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sprinkles the Elf: Day 3

Sprinkles must be working her magic because the girls have been on their best behavior! When I picked Reese up from school yesterday her teacher took the time to tell me Reese had a "great day, ate her lunch, listened, was the best at coloring and got a super star sticker on the board"! Emma & Scarlett also ate there lunches (not surprising) and had a great day!

All I heard on the way home was "Mommy, Sprinkles hung her own stocking from Santa! Let me show you Mommy!"

Last night I asked Reese, "Where do you think Sprinkles will land tomorrow morning?" She said "I think somewhere high so Emma can't touch her." What a big sister she is worrying about Emma touching Sprinkles and making her lose her magic! I have to give Emma praise though for she has followed the "no touch" rule perfectly!

Guess where Sprinkles landed this morning?! 
(I was able to snap this pic very late last night before I went to bed)

Zip Line

Right before the girls got up

The girls immediately went looking at her old hiding spot (watch Emma as she finds her!)...
(click image to zoom in)

The girls were dressed for Christmas pictures at school...

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