Monday, August 13, 2012

Scarlett's 1st Foods

Scarlett is still trying new foods and is doing better with her reactions ;) She actually liked the sweet potato and avocado. I was REALLY surprised with the avocado since both our other girls GAGGED on them!

1st Homemade Sweet Potato 8.5.12

Sweet Potato

This is actually a goofy smile

She approves!

1st Avocado 8.12.11
We were grilling on the patio

She's gotten pretty good at pushing backwards when something new is introduced

She wanted more!

And More!

I think avocado was her favorite so far!

We have also tried mango but she is still refusing to eat it. Honestly, I think she wants more finger foods and wants to chew...I'm just too nervous skipping the baby food step. She does eat puffs, mum mums, yogurt melts (broken) and cheerios (broken). 

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