Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Scarlett Kate!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Scarlett Kate!

6 months already?!?! Wow, I don't think time can go by any faster! Please slow down, you are growing up too fast!

Nursing: By some miracle I have managed to continue breastfeeding Scarlett without any formula use! It is not so easy hauling my pump to clinicals and finding an empty room to "hide" in as I call it to pump but I've stuck to it and am so proud of her little rolls! 

Activity: Scarlett has been sitting up all by herself for some time now! She is incredibly strong and can even walk in her Around-We-Go toy!




Talking: Scarlett has found her voice and loves to use it! She is consistently trying to say "mama"...sorry Cody, but I get this one!

Teeth: She has 3 bottom teeth and the top two are VERY close to cutting soon!

What Daddy dresses her in =P

 Solids: We did introduce homemade applesauce 2 days ago and she literally threw up...poor baby! She actually does better with the puffs (which we break into fourths so the pieces are tiny) so she can start chewing on something with those teeth!

Sleep: Unfortunately, we aren't getting much sleep lately with the constant teething. She isn't fussy or crying with it but mainly wanting to nurse constantly. We still swaddle her at night but it's mainly just to keep her legs warm because she instantly pulls her arms out and usually sleeps with them above her head. 

Play: She loves to play with her sisters' toys! This is for you Granddad!

Scarlett, we love you with all our hearts! You are the strongest, happiest, & most content baby and for that we are grateful! I can't wait to see where you rank on the growth charts tomorrow. I'm sure in no time you will be crawling and walking soon after.

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