Monday, May 21, 2012

1st Zoo Trip of 2012

On Sunday we gave the girls the option of having a picnic at the park or going to the zoo and of course they picked the zoo!!! Reese was funny this time because she was practically running from one animal cage to another. She looked at an animal for 5 seconds before saying "come on! let's go see something else!" We had to pace her or we would have been done with the whole zoo in 10 minutes!

Two little girls excited to see some monkeys!

Scarlett's 1st Zoo Adventure

Emma LOVED this!

Feeding the ducks

We took a break at the Tot Spot & Reese didn't hesitate touching a LIVE snake!

1st Time we've seen pigs in the petting zoo!

After 2 laps we FINALLY got to see the zebras! Their cage was being cleaned on our 1st pass and Reese was SO upset they weren't in there. THANK GOODNESS we got to see them before we left!

Little Smirk!

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