Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We had our level 2 sonogram (anatomy scan) today, which was part of the follow up to our genetics testing. We were actually shocked to find out that she only has a 2 vessel cord aka: Single Umbilical Artery (SUA). The cord usually has 3 vessels: 2 arteries and a vein. She is missing an umbilical artery. This happens less than 1% of the time. 

This is associated with chromosomal abnormalities (typically Trisomy 18), kidney issues, GI issues, and cardiac issues, preterm labor, low birth weight and even fetal demise. The good news so far is that: she has 2 kidneys, a 4 chamber heart, brain looks great, she measures 11oz which is right on target, and that my Trisomy 18 & 21 results were great a month ago. We did the AFP (alpha fetal protein) blood work today for spina bifida risk. The perinatologist said everything else looked great but the only way to "know" if there is a chromosome problem is to do an amniocentesis. She said at this point since there doesn't seem to be anything else wrong that the risk of going through the amniocentesis is higher than the risk that something could be wrong due to the 2 vessel cord. We did not decide to do an amniocentesis at this time. I will have sonograms monthly now to monitor her and if something else shows up at the next sono we will talk about the amniocentesis but we are hoping that is a bridge we won't have to cross.

On a happier note, she was head down (for today at least) and kicking :) I still can't feel her b/c of the anterior placenta. We did order her bedroom furniture today and are finalizing the details of her custom made crib bedding. Next step is to pick the paint color and start assembling her room!!

Please pray that baby Scarlett will be wonderfully healthy and strong!!!


Riley's mom said...

Wow, Tonya, L&D nurses have the worst luck! I will say a prayer for you and Scarlett. Love the name!!

The Pokornys said...

That kind of stuff is always stressful and scary but I am sure baby Scarlett is just fine and it's just one of those weird flukes. Try not to worry. It seems like you have many things going for her that mean everything is just fine!! I love her name too, Reese Emma and Scarlett all sound so good together! So funny that Emma was 4 months behind Graham and Scarlett will be 3 months ahead of our new baby! :) Keep me posted on baby Scarlett, y'all will be in our prayers!

The Sweatman Family said...

Thank you ladies!!! I know in my heart she will be perfect :)