Saturday, July 9, 2011

15 Weeks!

Today I am 15 weeks and moving right along! I am feeling great but dealing with bad headaches almost daily. The nausea is officially gone!! Still really not feeling the baby yet...a few times I thought "was that the baby?" but its so faint. 

Bump at 14.6 weeks

The lucky part about doing clinical rotations in an OBGYN office is the opportunity to get sonograms when I am there!! Here are two of many pics I got from this past Wednesday at 14.4 weeks:

The baby already had breathing movements which was amazing to see this early! The sonographer/RN said this will be a "strong baby". Once again the baby was opening and closing it's mouth :)

At 15 weeks the baby is the size of a navel orange!


The Pokornys said...

I guess you still couldn't tell the gender!! When will you find out?? Have y'all started thinking about names? We already have our next boy and girl name picked out haha!

The Sweatman Family said...

We have a "guess" on gender based on the sonogram but it is still so early. We might know officially on Friday...we shall see :) We have a list of names but nothing set in stone yet.

Kelly Grant said...

I have said it and I will say it again---you look great. Pregnancy suits you well :)

Baby looks like he/she is waving :)