Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy 22mo Reese!

Ok, so this post is a bit late...oops! 
I used to be better about being on time with my posts but having 2 little girls justifies a few delays ;)

Reese turned 22 months on 12/6/10 and I wish she would stay this age forever!! I LOVE this age :) She is talking in sentences, sweet, loves her sister, sings songs, is a chatterbox, makes us crack up laughing, loves to blow kisses to all her friends and family goodnight & now asks to pray The Lord's Prayer specifically by saying "Our Father" when we begin to pray. She will even ask for this prayer when I am saying a different prayer :) Reese can count to 10 perfectly over and over again!! She likes to help me cook and I am excited about some Christmas baking activities I have planned. Stay tuned because we will be making Snowman Hats, Reindeer Cookies, a Gingerbread House, and Thumb Drop Cookies :)

Here are a few pictures of Reese & Emma at Sarah's (her friend from school) 2nd Birthday Party:


I think she may need one of these for her own b-day :)

Precious Emma

My School:
I am officially on Christmas break and loving it!
I can now focus on my girls and enjoy the holidays!!!

Grades have been posted...not too shabby :)

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Kelly Grant said...

Congratulations on the AWESOME grades (never doubted that you would get straight A's)!!

AND, SO SWEET Reese!!!!!! I cant wait for that age now!!!