Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Photos

Last weekend we went to the Botanical Gardens to have our family holiday photos taken. 
Here are our professional photos taken by Beth- Tip Toe Photography

Here are a few non-professional photos that Cody & I took:


Reese is now talking in three to four word sentences! I am so amazed at her vocabulary now. She hears a word once and can repeat it! We have been teaching her her middle and last name :) It is cute to hear her say "Sweatman".

A few weeks ago Reese came home from school with a PONYTAIL!!!

So I started doing her hair, so to speak. 
This was Reese looking all cute (check out her ring) BEFORE...

...and this was Reese 10 minutes later after I came back to check on her 
(Emma needed an emergency bath)
good thing it was washable marker :)


Emma has started to finally smile on purpose =)


Sisterly Love:

Reese decided to join Emma for some "Tummy Time" on the floor!

...and snuggle with her sister

Enjoy this video from 11/12/10

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Kelly Grant said...

Great great pics! Love the one of reese sitting on the ground by herself!!! And...the sister pics melts my heart!