Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 Weeks & Down On The Farm!

Our pumpkin is 3 weeks old already! 

Emma is doing great!! She is such an easy baby :) Her only issue lately is that she is not handling all her gas bubbles very well. I am not sure why this little girl is having so many tummy issues with gas.

She is now eating about every 3-4 hours at night and every 2-3 hours during the day! She hardly cries at all (only when her tummy hurts). 

Oh, how she loves to nap (14 days old)...

Reese is cutting ALL 4 K9s at ONCE and she is handling it like a champ! Her only sign of teething is drool! It has been quite a while since she last cut a tooth and I am proud of how well she's taking it. 

My Smart School Girl:

Reese counted to 4 yesterday all by herself and very clearly!! I was shocked!! I had asked her how many ducks where on a page in her book and she pointed and said "one, two, three, four"!!! She can also say "ABC"  and officially knows all her colors (including grey & black)!!

Reese is learning about all the different farm animals at school. She came home from school last week with this adorable animal hat that she made and I couldn't help but take some pictures of my cutie!

Oh, how she LOVES stickers!!!!

Funny Facts About Reese:
She runs to her daddy and points out every bug she sees so daddy can clean it up! 
(I had to kill a wasp and a fly that got into the house...yuck! I told her daddy would clean the bugs up.)

I picked up Emma after a nap and said "hi honey"...and then Reese said "hi honey"!

Reese asks for goodnight kiss from Emma every night..."Emma kiss"!

She tries to sing "Rock A Bye Baby" to Emma and will even rock her when she's holding her!

Reese loves to be chased around the house :) She will point down the hall and say "run, please!"

After we have tucked her in for the night and shut her door, we listen to her talk & sing to herself on the baby monitor :) She will say "momma, dadda, Emma" and she will list all the names of her friends at school "Nora, Josh, Hayden, Sarah, Marshall, Ethan..." and then she will sing herself some songs =)

Say your prayers...
...and Reese would say "Amen!"


Kelly Grant said...

Smart girl!!

Addison has trouble with gas too...maybe it has something to do with being born in 2010 :)

Emma's eyes are SO beautiful!

dawnzer said...

LOL - now whenever we read a book to Sarah, where I typically say "the end", she has started saying "Amen"!

When she sees me on Facebook and catches a glimpse of your family picture, she immediately gets excited and says "Reese, Reese..." a few times then she points and says "Emma!" Sometimes she will ask to see more pictures. Sarah is an internet stalker. ;)