Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Christmas Time!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the little Miss Reese!!!

Candy Cane Tights

Santa Bloomers

Reindeer Outfit


Shelly said...

Love her dress! Where did you find that adorable reindeer top if you don't mind me asking :) I love reading your blog! BTW, I just sent you PM on thebump, but didn't know if you would get it :)

The Sweatman Family said...

I got it in a local shop here in town called The Gatherings. Thanks for following my blog! Sometimes I feel like no one looks at it!

Shelly said...

Could you possibly tell me what brand it is? I live in PA and wanted to see if I could find something similar to go with my daughter's tutu :) Thanks a bunch!

The Sweatman Family said...

Called Mud Pie Santa Baby

The Haberlands said...