Monday, December 8, 2008

31 Weeks!!

Only 9 Weeks to go now :o) I am feeling great and everything is going as well as can be! I am starting to have slight swelling in my legs...yuck! We are starting to get very anxious :o) Only 6 weeks until she is full term!!

During Week 31: She is now 3+ pounds and approximately 18 inches long. Her brain connections are developing rapidly (she has to make a trillion of them). She is perceiving signals from all 5 senses, processing information, and tracking light. She is also a sleepy baby, spending more time snoozing in the REM cycle.

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FSD said...

It's getting closer! CONGRATS! Isn't it crazy?! I don't know how early you found out you were preggers, but we found out at 4.5 weeks. I'm amazed that I'll be 30 weeks on Wednesday.

Like you, I'm starting to swell now too. I can tell mine is in my ankles, my calves (a little bit), and my fingers. YIKES!!!